who is techgirl?

Born in Frankfurt am Main, West Germany (to American citizens back when there was a “West” Germany and the US had a strong military presence there), it has taken me nearly four decades to return to the country of my birth. I am now living in Nuremberg, on a university fellowship as I finish my PhD in Theatre (for more information on that, check out my research site). Whether I will remain here after my fellowship is over remains to be seen.

I hate labels. I feel that labels are limiting and inadequate. There are a great many labels that have been ascribed to me, either by myself or by others. Some of them are fairly neutral: widow, mother, partner, scholar, daughter, friend, colleague. Others carry heavy connotations, and make people uncomfortable: American, liberal, atheist, diabetic. I have learned in my life not to apologize for what I am, to demonstrate that the whole of me is greater than the sum of the words used to describe me.

I’m happily partnered (for five years now) with a younger man, Kevin, who, although a native Floridian and self-proclaimed beach bum, has followed me in the cooler climate and decidedly UN-beachy landscape of northern Bavaria, with no knowledge of German and the chance (but not the certainty) of procuring work as a TEFL instructor. (UPDATE 21.09.08: Kev was hired by Berlitz N├╝rnberg! Yay!)

I am also the proud parent of a pre-teen daughter, Sheridan, whose poise and intelligence remind me that not all the “younger generation” are spoiled snot-heads. While rightfully apprehensive of our move, she views the coming year as an adventure to be savored rather than a trial to be endured. She’s incredibly adaptable, picking up the language faster than I ever did. By the end of the year, her German will be much better than mine.

The description of my family wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Siggy, our goofy housedog. A purebred white German Shepherd, Sigfried’s Folly is a complete mama’s boy, and gentle as a lamb. It was a job getting him here (as I’m sure you’ve read in my posts!), but he’s part of the family, and I could no sooner leave him behind in the US than I could Kevin or Sheridan! So the goof is learning to be a real “German” Shepherd. Oh, and occasionally barking to “protect” our apartment. He actually came close to catching one of the ever-present pigeons on a walk one afternoon!

While I’ve suffered my share of misfortune (tales best told elsewhere), I consider myself very lucky to have a safe (albeit modest) home, loving family and friends, and all our needs satisfied.

While I welcome all manner of dialogue on the topics I address in my blog, I don’t have the time or patience to respond to hateful email or commentary. This is my personal site, not an open forum, and intolerant, hateful, or spam comments will be summarily deleted and their posters banned.